Baby Bear with Toys Baby Crib Quilt or Nap Blanket
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Product Description

This baby quilt is homemade and approximately 34 x 44 inches in size and the scene is a baby bear sitting amoung a lot of toys. Design is brigt and bold and on a whit background. Suitable for both Girl and Boy.

Quilted right here in our Quilt Shop using a 100% cotton screen printed quilt panel for the front, 100% white cotton for the backing and 3.3 ozs of 100% double bonded polyester fiber fill in between. Quilted with a commercial longarm quilting machine using an all over quilt pattern and cotton covered polyester thread.

All fabrics are new and 100% cotton. These are Not Mass Produced at a factory with a "Chicken Wire Design" and "Plastic Thread".

These quilts we make are completely washable and have been used in my family and by many of our customers over the years, not only for warmth, but as a changing blanket or place for baby to play or nap, especially when away from home.

An excellent choice for a Baby Shower Gift anytime.

Also makes a great Nap Blanket for DayCare.


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